Basic Tips to Ensure Safe Driving

While some accidents are not preventable in any way, others are preventable, if all drivers would follow some simple safety tips. Roadways are full of drivers who engage in risky behaviors, such as cell phone usage, speeding, disregarding traffic signals, and drinking while driving, all of which can lead to accidents, some of which have catastrophic results.

Take care to prepare before you begin driving. Adjust all signs and mirrors before you start to drive, so that you can see all angles and other vehicles while driving. Routinely maintain your vehicle, ensuring that you change the oil on a regular basis, fill the windshield fluid, and keep all lights in working order.

As a safe driver, you always should obey all speed limits and traffic signs. You must remain aware of your surroundings at all time and drive responsibly. Use turn signals, drive with your headlights on for visibility to other drivers, and stop fully at all stop signs. Keep your eyes moving as your drive, and look in all directions before proceeding from a complete stop. Anticipate the moves of other drivers in order to avoid accidents. If you expect the worst from other drivers, you may be able to avoid accidents before they occur.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a common cause of accidents. If you are going to be drinking, then you should arrange for a ride home and avoid driving at all costs. Not only do you risk violating the law, but you also could hurt yourself or someone else.

Similarly, using a cell phone for any reason will distract you from driving. Texting, using your GPS, surfing the Internet, and even simply talking on your cell phone can lead to accidents. While cell phones have become a part of everyday life, they should not be part of your life while driving.

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