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August and September 2016 Mark Safest Months on Roads in Decades

According to a recent news report, August 2016 was the safest month in terms of traffic fatalities in the state of Wisconsin since World War II. Statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) indicate that there were only 50 traffic fatalities during the month, which is 15 fewer than in August 2015, and 15 fewer than the five-year average for the month of August. In contrast, the deadliest month of August in history was back in 1969, when there were an astounding 154 traffic deaths. Historically, August has been a particularly deadly month in terms of traffic safety statistics, primarily due to increased traffic.

Even more impressive is the statistics that the Wisconsin DOT has released for the month of September 2016, which proved to be even safer than August 2016. In September, there were only 45 traffic fatalities, which was 23 less fatalities over September 2015, and 13 fewer than the five-year average for the month of September. The deadliest month for September traffic fatalities was in 1973, when 116 traffic deaths occurred.

Despite the comparatively low number of traffic fatalities in August and September, the total of number of Wisconsin traffic deaths at the end of August was still up nine percent overall so far in the year 2016, with 387 deaths. This number is 33 more over the deaths to this point in 2015, and 32 more than the five-year average. These fatalities include 53 motorcycle operators, four motorcycle passengers, 28 pedestrians, and 10 bicyclists.

By the end of September, there had been only 440 traffic deaths this year, which is 18 more than this time period in 2015. The September traffic fatalities included 67 motorcycle operators, five motorcycle passengers, 33 pedestrians, and 10 bicyclists. DOT officials attribute the lower rate of traffic fatalities at least in part to the wet nature of the weather in September, which may have slowed traffic down or reduced it altogether, thus affecting the number of crashes that occurred.

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