Insurance and Car Accidents in Wisconsin

Almost every auto accident lawsuit in Wisconsin will ultimately involve an insurance company. Unfortunately, despite what you see in their television commercials, insurers frequently refuse to step up to the plate and do what’s right for victims.

As Madison auto accident attorneys, it is our job to hold insurance companies accountable, not only to the people they insure but also to the victims of their negligent policyholders.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in Wisconsin, an experienced Madison car accident attorney at Boller & Vaughan can help you recover maximal compensation from the insurance companies involved.

The Relationship Between Insurance & Car Accidents in Wisconsin

When another driver causes you injury in an auto accident, that person is responsible for paying for your damages. In the event of a lawsuit, the individual driver will be the primary defendant.

But assuming that the defendant carries auto insurance (as all drivers are required to do in Wisconsin), their insurance company has a responsibility to step in and pay for your damages on their policyholder’s behalf.

Accordingly, we often end up dealing directly with the other side’s insurance company.

In some instances, you may also be able to file a successful a lawsuit against your own insurance company because they wrongfully denied coverage despite the terms of your policy.

This might include claims for property damage or uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance.

Negotiation and Litigation: How We Resolve Auto Accident Lawsuits

The litigation process involves extensive communication and negotiation with all of the parties involves, especially the insurance companies.

The insurers usually assign an adjustor to the case, and it is that person’s job to pay you as little as possible. Of course, it’s our job to ensure just the opposite.

At Boller & Vaughan, we understand how to approach insurance and car accidents in Wisconsin. We’ve successfully litigated car accident cases for years, so the insurance companies know we mean business.

Accordingly, many of our clients settle out of court. Through strategic and aggressive negotiation, we can hold the other side accountable while also sparing everyone the hassle of court.

But if, after diligent negotiation, the insurance companies still refuse to step up to the plate and fairly offer what you deserve, our team is absolutely willing and fully prepared to try your case in court.

We work with reliable experts in the field to provide compelling evidence and eyewitness testimony in support of your claim. Ultimately, the court will see to it that the insurers make good on the promises they’ve made.

Move Forward with an Experienced Madison Auto Accident Attorney

Fighting against an insurance company can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to take on giants alone.

With Boller & Vaughan on your side, you’ll stand on equal footing with the insurance titans. We have years of experience in successfully obtaining justice against dangerous drivers and the insurers who’ve pledged to pay for their negligence.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident in Wisconsin, you should contact a Madison injury law firm right awayTo get started with a free consultation, simply call 608-268-0268 or submit an online questionnaire. Remember, if we take your case, we won’t charge for our services until there’s a successful outcome for your claim.


As much as we all hope to never need an attorney, we are so glad Boller & Vaughan are here to help. Michele Vaughan and her Paralegal, Mary Cragin, handled my case. I appreciate all of their hard work and diligence in assisting their clients. Everyone in the firm is very professional. They truly care and want to help. Thank you so much.

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