Motorcycle Accident Causes in Wisconsin

The cause of your Madison motorcycle accident is the foundation of your case. Many motorcycle accident victims have no memory of the crash or what led to the crash due to the nature of their injuries. Witnesses, jury members, and others involved have a tendency to assume that bikers are to blame for their accidents because they believe that bikers are reckless in general. The truth is that the most common cause of motorcycle accidents is violation of the biker’s right of way by another driver. Our Wisconsin motorcycle accident attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case to determine and prove the true cause of your accident.

Failure to Observe Bikers’ Right of Way

Drivers have a responsibility to look for motorcycles, but the all-too-common claim that drivers make after an accident is that they did not see the motorcycle. A very common scenario is a car making a left-hand turn into the bike’s path.

In a study conducted by the University of Southern California and paid for by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) three-fourths of motorcycle accidents were multi-vehicle accidents and two-thirds of those accidents were caused by drivers who violated the motorcyclists’ right of way.

Defective Motorcycles

A motorcycle defect can easily lead to a crash. Some defects cause motorcycle accident injuries to be worse. Defects can include defective parts, faulty design, and faulty repairs. Some motorcycles have a defect which causes a front-end wobble at high speeds. Other examples of defects include:

  • Defective brakes
  • Faulty tires
  • Defective gas tank or fuel lines
  • Faulty kickstand

Defective Roadways

Anyone with the most basic grasp of physics understands that motorcycles are more likely to be affected by seemingly minor roadway defects, such as potholes or sandy patches, than vehicles with four or more wheels. Other types of defects, such as lack of breakaway devices on signs or poles, can cause injuries to be more severe.

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