Wisconsin Auto Accidents Involving Drugs & Alcohol

Recent statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that nearly every day, approximately 30 people die in motor vehicle accidents which involve a drug or alcohol-impaired driver in the United States.

Those who drive while intoxicated are committing intentional misconduct, not always negligence. This means, to families who have lost a loved one or experienced an injury due to an impaired driving accident, that punitive damages may be available in addition to any compensatory damages.

Injuries or loss of a loved one at the hands of a driver intoxicated with either drugs or alcohol can be extremely hard to bear. Mainly because this type of accident is easily preventable and involves another person’s complete and utter disregard for the health and well-being of others.

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Who Has a Case?

For many intoxicated auto accident cases, there will be evidence like breathalyzer testing or blood tests which support it. For certain others, there may be a need for witness testimony which confirms the altered state of the party responsible for the crash. It could involve testimony about the appearance of intoxication or an actual witnessing of the vehicle driver ingesting alcohol, recreational drugs or prescription drugs. Witness testimony can be a key factor in determining who has a case.

Third Party Involvement

In certain cases, an employer may be held responsible. This is mainly if they have allowed an employee to drive drunk or under the influence of drugs while performing their assigned job duties.

For many states, there are laws called dram shop laws which hold bar owners and people who serve alcohol responsible for continuing to serve any intoxicated patrons who may have caused an auto accident. Wisconsin does not, if the intoxicated person was at the legal drinking age. For those who provide alcohol to a minor knowingly, however, they can be held liable.

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In many auto accident cases, there are expiration dates known as a statute of limitation. Be sure to call 608-268-0268 right way to ensure that you are not waiving any rights to possible compensation.

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