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Auto Accidents Involving Drugs and Alcohol

Eau Claire and Madison, Wisconsin

Nearly every day there are approximately 30 people who die in alcohol or drug-related motor vehicle accidents according to recent Center for Disease Control and Prevention statistics. Every day, there are drivers who choose to drive while intoxicated or impaired. In Madison, WI, this is considered to be committing intentional misconduct and may not always be attributed to negligence. Many families are unaware that punitive damages may be available to them, in addition to compensation or compensatory damages.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident where a driver is intoxicated with either drugs or alcohol that can be extremely tragic and stressful. Please contact the Madison accident lawyers at Boller & Vaughan. Call (608) 807-0078 for your initial consultation.

When Do I Have A Case?

Most alcohol or drug intoxication auto accident cases will have evidence, like blood tests or breathalyzer analysis, to support it. In other circumstances, there may be a need for witness testimonials or statements which confirm the altered state of the party responsible for the crash. Testimony can be as varied as someone appearing to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or a firsthand account of a vehicle driver ingesting prescription drugs, alcohol, or recreational drugs. In certain cases, witness testimonial can be pivotal information.

Was There Any Third Party Involvement?

There are cases where a driver's employer may be held responsible. For example, in the recent truck accident with Tracy Morgan, Wal-Mart is being held accountable for the tragic results of that motor vehicle accident. There are also laws called dramshop laws which hold bar owners or alcohol servers responsible in the instance of continuing to serve an already intoxicated person or serving alcohol to a minor.

Our experienced Madison accident lawyers at Boller & Vaughan LLC provide free initial consultations. When your case is processed, our legal team works on a contingency fee basis. For many motor vehicle accidents, there are strict statutes of limitation.

Our Madison accident lawyers work with you to aggressively pursue your right to fair and just compensation. Please contact Boller & Vaughan LLC. Be sure to find out how to ensure that your rights to any possible compensation are not being waived, please call (608) 807-0078.